Privacy in a Network: Videos Available on Youtube

February 26, 2015

Videos from the symposium "Privacy in a Networked World," which the Privacy Tools Project served as the Symposium Planning Committee, may be accessed on the IACS youtube channel. The videos feature all speakers from the symposium, including the conversation between Bruce Schneier and Edward Snowden.

Fellow Babis Tsourakakis's paper accepted to STOC 2015

February 25, 2015

CRCS Fellow Babis Tsourakakis had a paper accepted in the 47th Symposium of Theory of Computing (STOC 2015), where he will present it in June. The main contribution of the paper is a novel algorithmic framework for large-scale dynamic graphs that is at the same time both space- and time-efficient. This paper is part of a broader project he is conducting on scalable graph mining algorithms.

Fellow Babis Tsourakakis has two accepted papers at WWW2015

January 29, 2015

CRCS Fellow Babis Tsourakakis had two single-author papers accepted at WWW 2015, the premiere venue on the World Wide Web. This year, there were 929 paper submissions and 131 paper acceptances. Both papers will be presented on the track "Social Networks and Graph Analysis".

The first paper is titled as "Provably Fast Inference of Latent Features from Networks" and the second paper as "The k-clique Densest Subgraph Problem".