CRCS AI for Social Impact Seminar Series

CRCS hosts the CRCS Seminar Series  from 11 AM – 12 noon Eastern on Mondays during the academic year. CRCS fellows, faculty and friends are encouraged to join us. See here for information about past seminars.

CRCS also hosts regular internal events - professional development panels on topics including interviewing for jobs; putting together application packages; and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

CRCS Fall 2021 Seminar Schedule - Register here!

September 13: Francesca Dominici (Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health)
September 27: Marzyeh Ghassemi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
October 4: Meredith Gore (University of Maryland)
October 25: Sheena Erete (DePaul University)
November 15: Kayse Maass (Northeastern University)
November 29: Haifeng Xu (University of Virginia)
December 6: Andrew Plumptre (Key Biodiversity Areas)


CRCS Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule

January 25 through April 19: AI for Social Impact Seminar Series

January 7 and 8: IJCAI 2020 AI for Social Good workshop


CRCS Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

August 24 through December 14: AI for Social Impact

July 20th and 21st: AI for Social Good workshop


CRCS Spring 2020 Seminar Schedule

  • Monday, March 2nd: Jukka-Pekka (JP) Onnela of HSPH: "Smartphone-based Digital Phenotyping"
  • Wednesday, March 4th: Google Research India: A Peek at Research Activities in Fundamental and Applied CS Research (please RSVP at
  • Monday, March 9th: Ece Kamar of Microsoft Research: In the Pursuit of Responsible AI: Developing AI Systems for People with People
  • Monday, March 23rd: Stefano Ermon of Stanford: Measuring Economic Development from Space
  • Wednesday, March 25th: Speaker and Details TBA
  • Monday, March 30th: Francesca Dominici of HSPH: Can Data Science save the Environment?
  • Monday, April 6th: Harvard Global Health Institute: Details TBA
  • Monday, April 13th: Shahin Jabbari of CRCS: Details TBA
  • Monday, April 20th: Rohini Pande of Yale: Details TBA
  • Monday, April 27th: Eric Rice of USC: Details TBA
2021 Dec 06

Andrew Plumptre (Key Biodiversity Areas)

11:00am to 12:00pm


Zoom conference - Register at

Title: How can AI improve the impact of biodiversity conservation

Abstract: Conservation practitioners have to deal with a multitude of different disciplines. These include subjects such as conservation planning which help identify where conservation should be prioritised, to how to most efficiently tackle illegal activities threatening a site, and social aspects such as how to engage local communities in the conservation of a site or to tackle the demand for products. Conservation scientists have to deal with many data inputs which makes it...

Read more about Andrew Plumptre (Key Biodiversity Areas)
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