MLPerf Sponsorship

We welcome sponsorship from companies that are interested in supporting machine learning systems research. Your sponsorship will be applied toward postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate student training and research.

The benefits from sponsoring our students include, but are not limited to:

  1. Invest in your future. The demand for machine learning is growing rapidly. While there are a growing number of individuals who know how to use ML algorithms, the number of individuals who know how to engineer the AI infrastructure is much smaller. So invest in your future and train the next generation of ML engineers.
  2. Seed early-stage research. Be proactive and seed research in areas that are of importance to your organization. Fund or co-fund PhDs and postdoctoral researchers to study challenging problems or invest in exploring new technological areas with direct faculty supervision. Leverage the best talent at Harvard to your benefit.
  3. Get access to innovation and entrepreneurship. Facebook, Microsoft and a dozen other innovative ideas came to light at Harvard. Start-ups and innovative ideas are part of Harvard's history and culture, so join us and invest in the next major innovative idea that could help transform the ML industry.

Companies that invest in Harvard MLPerf Research will get access to state of the art research, along with an annual newsletter that summarizes how the funding was used to support cutting edge ML systems research. We will host an annual ML workshop to bring Harvard ML researchers and the industry together.

With questions, please contact PI Vijay Janapa Reddi at