Events & Workshops

CRCS events and workshops contribute are an opportunity to build community, share work, and facilitate dissemination of information. Learn more below about CRCS events and how to get involved in events that create impact.


In addition to the following events and workshops shown below, CRCS hosts regular internal events - professional development panels on topics including interviewing for jobs; putting together application packages; and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.



CRCS Social Impact Seminar Series

Computational tools are poised to play an increasingly large role in our society across different domains, including public health and conservation. As a consequence, computational tools need to be designed to ensure equitable benefits for everyone. 

The CRCS  Social Impact Seminar Series brings together practitioners and research with a diverse set of perspectives from algorithmic fairness, human-centered computing, and sustained deployment. The seminar series will explore how artificial intelligence can equitably solve social problems. For example, what role can AI play in promoting health, access to opportunity, and sustainable development? How can human-centered computing methods be deployed to ensure AI systems are ethical, inclusive, and accountable?

The  Social Impact Seminar Series is held on Mondays at 11 AM EST during the Fall and Spring semesters. CRCS welcomes students, faculty, staff, and anyone interested in learning more about using AI for social good to join us via Zoom. 

Please see our events calendar and visit our Upcoming Events to view upcoming talks and to register to attend!


Rising Stars Workshop

The CRCS Rising Stars Workshop is an opportunity for senior computer science graduate students to share their social impact research. This workshop cultivates a network of ideas and conversations among individuals in further developing the frontier field of AI for Social Impact. 

The CRCS Rising Stars Workshop occurs annually in the spring. To learn more, visit our Rising Stars Workshop page.


AI for Social Good Summer Workshop

The AI for Social Good Summer Workshop is an annual event designed to explore how artificial intelligence can contribute to solving social problems. The workshop brings together researchers and practitioners across AI and a range of application domains. Researchers are invited to submit research papers and position papers for consideration, and previous workshops have included invited speakers, long paper talks and short paper talks. 

For more information, please visit our AI for Social Good Summer Workshop page.


Summer Fellowship Program

CRCS invites applications from Ph.D. students in computer science and the social sciences to participate in its summer fellowship program. Students from a wide range of disciplines interested in research at the interface of computing and society are encouraged to apply. All Ph.D. students from institutions across the world, including those based outside of the United States, are eligible for this fellowship.