Social networking and to leverage expert perspectives from a range of domains is a crucial component to fostering genuine, real world impact.



CRCS supports a bourgeoning interdisciplinary community that brings together motivated individuals to drive advancements in artificial intelligence for the purpose of solving global and local challenges in conservation and public health. Based at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, CRCS hosts computer science researchers who share a passion for social justice, social impact, and a commitment to diversity and equity. CRCS hosts events, workshops, and educational opportunities that foster collaboration among researchers from multiple disciplines, and we invite interested teams and individuals to join us to learn together. 

Our community is expanding, and we have opportunities for those who share our passion for the advancement of computer science research for social good! Get Involved to learn more about opportunities. 




Partnerships constitute a major cornerstone of the CRCS vision. CRCS leverages the expertise of our partners to drive advancements and cultivate innovative solutions to global challenges. Our partners provide expertise from a broad scope of fields that pertain to conservation and public health and come from both within and outside of academia. This includes community partners from organizations not traditionally included in computational research. 

CRCS is currently building new partnerships. Our potential partners come prepared with a challenge that AI may be able to help solve. We’re looking for enthusiastic partners who have data that may be shared or the time and resources to collect data, are curious about new technology, and are interested in collaborative problem solving.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities for partnership with CRCS, email us to submit your proposal to partner with CRCS. Please be sure to note “Collaboration” in the subject line. 


Recent CRCS Partners

Try AI

(artificial intelligence)

Try AI

Try AI is committed to increasing diversity in computer science by designing programming that builds meaningful research connections and explores the potential application of AI in society.

Tech for Social Good

Tech for Social Good

Tech for Social Good, an initiative of the Harvard College Computer Society, links teams of 5-7 undergraduate students with nonprofits and social impact organizations to amplify their impact through technology."

Family Van

If you are interested in partnering with CRCS, read more about how you can Get Involved.



Education & Mentorship

CRCS is currently cultivating an innovative approach to education and mentorship. Visit us soon to see more to come on this topic!