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Computation and Society
The Center for Research on Computation and Society (CRCS), at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, brings together computer scientists and scholars from a broad range of fields to make advances in computational research that serve public interest. We are currently collaborating on interdisciplinary projects in areas such as conservation and public health. CRCS is informed by a deep knowledge of the societal issues at stake and by a commitment to advancing the human condition through cutting edge collaboration between computational and social science.


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    HCRCS It’s freezing out but we’ve got brand new CRCS mugs for the piping hot beverage of your choice! Faculty and affiliates, stop by MD 353 to pick up yours today.
  • MilindTambe_AI
    MilindTambe_AI I learned a tremendous amount leading interdisciplinary workshop on "AI for Tuberculosis prevention" at Harvard India Research center. Discussed where AI could assist with Govt & NGO partners: (i) active screening (ii) diagnosis (iii) treatment & adherence; also data limitations.
    HCRCS Mark your calendars! CRCS' Spring seminar schedule reflects our commitment to societal impact, featuring talks by researchers and industry experts in diverse application areas including social work and public health. We look forward to seeing you there!


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Hima Lakkaraju: How can we Fool LIME and SHAP? Adversarial Attacks on Explanation Methods

David Kempe: Security Games: Quasi-Regular Seqences, and a New Version of TSP

Eugene Vorobeychik: Adversarial Machine Learning: from Models to Practice

Aditya Grover: Bias in Generative Modeling

Max Kleiman-Weiner: Reverse Engineering Human Morality

Andrew Perrault: Game-Focused Learning in Cooperative and Non-Cooperative

Sarah Keren: Goal Recognition Design

IACS Seminar:
AI for Social Good: Learning and Planning
in the Data-to-Deployment Pipeline

Using technology to take on poachers

Using technology to take on poachers