Research Opportunities

If you are interested in joining one of our research projects, please reach out to the lead researcher or our coordinator at Many of our postdoctoral fellows are eager to mentor bright, talented students on their projects.



Wearable Sensors for Healthcare

Sunyoung Kim (CRCS Postdoctoral Fellow)

There is often a profound disparity between the perceived and actual quality of our health, everyday life and environment. My research addresses ways technology, by providing accurate sensing data, can help close the gaps between actual and perceived health and environmental quality of life, enabling people to make better decisions and improve the quality of their lives. My work is grounded in the assumption that people can make more effective choices to meet their concerns when they are better informed about the current considerations. I am currently working on building and evaluating novel wearable sensors to support people with chronic conditions. Are you interested in studying the current use of wearable sensors for healthcare and everyday wellbeing, building novel wearable systems to enhance self-care of chronic conditions, or evaluatingĀ  wearable devices with patients? Then, let's work together! I am looking for students who have development skills in mobile and web (Swift, Ajax, Javascript, etc.) who are interested in exploring the capabilities novel wearable sensors to improve the quality of our everyday lives.

Privacy Tools Project for Sharing Research Data

Please refer to theĀ Privacy Tools website for more information or e-mail

Real-world Marketplaces (Econ/CS)

Student will work on projects at the intersection of economics and computer science, with a special focus design and structure of real-world marketplaces. Specific project focuses depend on interests and background, but potential topic areas include matching markets, markets for data and intellectual property, and questions of sustainability.